Think Outside the Office

At Capital Apparel, we believe that a lot of important stuff happens outside the office. That’s why we provide outdoor sportsman clothing and western wear to the promotional market for companies that think outside of the office instead of inside of cubicles and conference rooms.

If you're a promotional distributor with outdoor oriented clients, then we have a treat in store for you.

Outdoor Sportsman Clothing

Because spending time in the outdoors can improve productivity, stimulate creativity, reduce mental fatigue, improve focus, and increase morale – we don’t know why every business doesn’t spend at least a little time promoting themselves with outdoor activities.

And because more people fish than play golf and tennis combined, we think we’ve chosen the right path providing a line of Outdoor Sportsman clothing to the promotional apparel market.

Ely & Walker Western Wear

It may not be surprising to find that a promotional apparel company based in Nashville,TN sells Western Wear.

Capital Apparel is proud to be the official supplier to the corporate market of Ely & Walker Westernwear, which has been around since 1878! For those not so great with dates, that's 2 years after The Battle at Little Bighorn, and 3 years before the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Western Wear was the original work shirt of the American cowboy, and Ely has remained true to the authentic style of the original Western shirt for over 140 years.

Greetings from Nashville!

It's the ever-expanding city that still feels like a small town. It's also just moments away from enjoying fishing, hiking, hunting, or horseback riding in the beautiful Tennessee outdoors.

It shows in our Customer Service

Our Customer Service staff works away with the hustle and bustle of an office in a city, but we are as personable as your small town neighbor. We're here to help, so feel free to get in touch.